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selfie boy wearing black sweathshirt  1Everybody likes to look at shirtless (and pants down) selfie boys on the web. Most of the time they’ve got more going on cam than we can show here, but we love those boys, anyway! Here’s a chance to participate, show off your pecs, and get some free iTunes in the process by sending in your pics or videos for selfie Boy of the month.

The Deal is: once a month we choose the selfie boy picture and/or selfie video sent in that month. Winners get a $10 iTunes gift card. At the end of the year, the best of the hotties gets $100!


It’s easy to pick up an extra $100 and show off your hot bod to the guys at the same time! is inviting you to send in your personal cam boy pics and home videos for this page, and we’re rewarding the hottest guys every month with free iTunes gift cards.

****Remember this is and not some kind of slut Ho dotcom, so you gots to keep it clean! Face, chest, leg, butt, and “nice” nudity is ok. If the junk is hard or you’re playing on it – keep those pics at home for your boyfriend! We want G-rated, PG13, or R. If you send us X-rated and XXX, it will not make it to the page (and you miss out on the iTunes free stuff.)

****We will NOT edit your submission in any way to make it presentable on screen.

Same for your home web cam videos. We want to see YOU, not your faceless “parts”, and the same restrictions as above:

If you’re playing with it… if the junk is hard, no thanks.

We want pics of YOU and your boyfriend/friend/trick/whatever (?) Don’t send us stuff we’ve seen that’s pro video. Trust me: DJ Trix has seen them ALL!

We advise strongly against “revenge on the Ex-“ pics. And even more on “the revenge on the soon-to-be-Ex-“ pics.

  • Together is fine. Kissing, making out, stretching, flexing, dancing, that’s ok.
  • If you’re hooking up… NO!

For the videos, we don’t want no 3-hour epic. Send us your best 2-3 minutes. Say Hi to your fans on, be creative. Hot guys doing BORING shit don’t win no prizes. Hot guys doing INTERESTING shit wins every time.

So here’s what you got to do to get your chance at a $100 iTunes Gift Card:

We need you to send us TWO things with each entry:

  • Your “entry” pic or video, and also your “G” picture so that we know that the hottness in the pic or video is YOU, and not some something you found on flickr. If it’s a pic or video of you and somebody else, we need to see “G” pictures for everyone you show.
  • For those of you who are shy or DL or whatever, we’re only going to show your “entry” here and not the “prove it’s you” pictures. If you are overly-shy, or so deep-closet that you can smell your dad’s ties back in the back, from 1973 and don’t want to send us a “G,” then you don’t need a hundred bucks, you need some frakken therapy! No “Proof” pic, and your entry gets trashed.

Entries aren’t returnable, so keep a copy.

To repeat: don’t send your only copy of the file, or it sux to be you!

  • Pictures: Jpeg format. We’ll size to fit the page. Do NOT put your website, name, phone, blood type or anything else in the picture. If you need a shout-out and you get on the page, mention it in your email, and we’ll link you up no problem.
  • Videos: Keep that file size down, dudes, so your fans will download your movie! Think 2-3 minutes, and no more than 5 mins. Mpeg format If the file is to friggin huge, it goes in the trash can.

Send your Entries and proofs to: aughra [at]

If you win the iTunes December $100 gift card, we will send the free iTunes gift to the email adress you used to send the entry. You are absolutely under no obligation to purchase anything. Your name will NOT be added to any kind of email marketing list. We’ll use your email address just for private communications between you and

All entries become the property of StetBooks, to use on this site:, and any other websites owned by StetBooks, as well as marketing materials such as web banners for the same. No personally-identifying marks will be used on any entries published or used online.

Publication on our websites makes no assumptions as to the sexual orientation of the subjects in the photographs or videos.
naked selfie boy sitting in his bedroom
Prizes and Eligibility: A valid email address is required for each entry, for prize notification only. No email addresses will be used or sold for other marketing purposes. You may enter as often as you like: one picture or video per entry, along with the required full face ID photo for each person seen in the picture or the video. You may enter each unique photo or video only one time. Duplicates will be discarded. By entering the contest you agree that the image/video you are sending will become the sole property of and you grant a limited-use license to use the image/video as described above. Entries are not returnable. Full face ID photos will be used for identification purposes only, and will not be used on any of our  websites without additional permission from the entrant.

One entry will be chosen monthly on or about the 15th (or the closest business day.) Monthly winners receive a $10 iTunes Gift Card sent via email to the address given in the entry. If no entries are received in a given month, or no entry is deemed a Winner, then no monthly prize will be awarded for that month. The grand prize winner will be chosen December 30th, 2015, and that winner will receive a $100 iTunes gift card, sent by email to the address given in the entry. Monthly winners are also eligible for the yearly $100 prize.

All winning decisions will be made by the staff of and may also include popular (poll) voting of online viewers as well. The final decision is made by the webmaster of

Maximum Value of Prizes:

  • 12 monthly prizes of $10 = $120
  • 1 yearly grand prize winner of $100
  • Total Value of all prizes = $220

Enough talk! Go set up your cams and send us your hottest!!




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