share your gay art with the world

We are sorting through a huge wish list of gay and gay-themed art from the previous versions of easyboyfriend, and plan to add back some of your highest rated favorites here as time allows.

To make things a little easier to sort through here, in addition to the blog tags for the content in the art, we are separating your entries into major sub-categories:

  • paintings

  • photography

  • etchings, engravings, prints

  • mixed media

  • computer generated

  • sculpture

  • gifs (it’s a thing now, and we couldn’t figure out a better category than art)

Plus any other larger sub-categories that we find.

If you are an artist and have gay-themed or homocentric (don’t you love that word!) queer art that you would like to share with the rest of the world, we’d be very interested in considering it for this category!

Send us an inquiry in the reply form below, or send an email to aughra [at] easyboyfriend [dot] com. We can’t guarantee 100% inclusion of all submitted works (usually because of explicit content or things we just don’t show – even in fine art), but we will take a look at see if we can exhibit your work. AND we give you full credit in the description, and if you are selling trough a gallery (etc) we will link to your gallery so collectors can contact you.

You own your art

Please note that by exhibiting your art here, you retain completely copyright and ownership of the original work. When you are submitting a query please DO NOT send us your original copy (as with photography and CG) because those samples can’t be returned.

If at any time you would like to have your exhibited work removed from easy boyfriend, please contact us by the contact form below and we will be happy to assist.

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