gay selfies – country boy vs. city boy

A contrast in beauty.

We’re not saying that one of these two selfie boys is any more beautiful than the other – we just like the contrast between the country and the city looks. And we say that without knowing where either guy is from!

Our City guy is wearing his Yankees fan hat, the necessary long gold chain, and cute hipster glasses. It all adds up to a picture that says, “I either live in the city, or I live in the near suburbs, or I wish I did!”



Our Country guy looks a little more home-grown with his bright cam flash nearly obliterating the view. He’s got a fantastic cut going, and a good start on a 6-pack. Perfect those arms and he will be all set. We like the longer hair and the goatee looks right on him. Hopefully his hat (just out of the shot) has a nice bubba look to it that completes the look.

Country boyCity boy. We just can’t decide todday.

What say you?


gay selfie boy - ny yahkees hat and hipster glasses gay selfie boy bright camera flash



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