it’s Halloweek at Pride Studios

It’s time for the national holiday for gay guys the world over: Halloween

This year it gets pretty spooktacular (ugh!) with special scenes for you from Pride Studios. If you’d like to join in on the fun, click on any of the images below to go to the main site.


EBD_300x250_01Extra Big Dicks features a video called “Serial Fucker,” the story of a (fairly) nice guy getting the work-over from the mysterious hooded top man. Who could it be? What could it all mean? You’ll have to watch and see for yourself.








High Performance Men features a video called “The Demon Inside,” and we get to see what happens with a little good old fashion hard leather sex meets a tiny pinch of demon possession. We hope you can stand the heat.








Men Over 30 has our favorite video (so far) with a little tale of zombie sex canned “Lust of the Undead” You just can’t say no to a tag line like, “Watch them fuck each others’ brains out.”







Better: when you get to the main page for Pride Studios you’ll see an additional promotion from Fleshlight, giving away 15 of the Freaks line of monster-related sex toys like the zombie dildo and the vampire fleshlight. You’ve got to see these!


The promotion lasts all week, and you’ll see ads at the top of our pages throughout the promotion so you can click through and get your Halloween on. But don’t worry: they all go away after the zombies and demons pack it away for the year. Or the end of the week – whichever comes first.




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