boyfriends cuddling – our newest category

Our sweet categories have a huge following. This should well be the next one.

Boyfriends cuddling. These pictures aren’t about sex or hanging out or even kissing (usually,) just two guys – or a few guys – cuddled up together, cuddling and snuggling. Or in this case – taking a nap together on the big over-stuffed chair.

We will keep looking for more of these – this cute picture immediately caught my attention! If you have a selife like this of you and the boyfriend (or boyfriends) feel free to send it along and we will include it in competition for the best selfie of the year.

Poly- couples (yea, you know what that is. If you don’t just stay tuned) please feel free to send us yours as well. One of the categories we have on the old white board is to do a poly gays category. Feel free to contribute!

Ah – warm, cozy love!

Click on this link for more information on how to enter your pictures for best selfie of the year: your pic could win $100

gay jock boyfriends cuddling on the sofa



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