two boyfriends cuddling in bed – a new easyboyfriend category

“I just want to find somebody to cuddle with.”

This is a new category for that wasn’t on the older version of the site, and certainly not in the gayfratdorm (they were all too busy acting up to have time to cuddle!) We have heard this from guys so much in the chat rooms, etc. that we decided to create its own category because a lot of you out there (whether you admit it or not!) enjoy an evening of just cuddling up with a guy.

Hopefully we will have many more entries to come so we can (pardon) flesh out this new category. If you have a pic of you and your guy (or guys) cuddling under the covers, send it to aughra and we will see about getting your pic online (with due credit given back to you for being in the pic, of course!)

We’ve added a more expanded direct contact link below, in addition to our regular spot to add comments to this message.  Show us how you like to cuddle up.

gay boyfriends cuddling together in bed


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