vintage gay – fitness magazines from the past

It was called “Physical Culture”

I’m not sure what the benefit was to be had from the everyday man on the street flipping through these pictorial magazines of nudes as male as they could be at the time, but it was certainly a benefit to the gay men who “read” then – for letting off a little … um … steam.

Before there was Stonewall and before there were the famous Catalina and William Higgins and Nova films and magazines that came along a decade later that left nothing to the imagination, these magazines were more understated, often classical, and lots of hints without showing off the entire package.

Would today’s gay generation understand this much subtlety?

Vintage Gay Magazine - Adonis - Art Magazine of the Male Physique - no dateVintage Gay Magazine - Your Physique - April Vintage Gay Magazine - Strength and Health - April 1943


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