selfie boys twofer – the OMG shot

Let’s play the guessing game…

We have another 2-fer on the gay boy selfies today, and the first one stretches the imagination a bit: what did he do, and how badly is he busted?

gay boy has messed up - busted

It could be something that he doesn’t want his boyfriend to find out about, but judging by the very sad watch he’s wearing, we have a number of guesses that he’s hiding something from his BOYfriend. Other options are: mom didn’t know about the tattoo, or mom (it’s always mom) didn’t realize that her little fuzzy-bear had been doing some body shaving.


For our second trip to the selfie Twilight Zone, we need to put on our catty hat and ask one simple question:

total gay jerk selfie

What in the name of Gay Hell was he thinking?

This is a whole tornado of wrong that pulls all focus away from where it should be, on those delectable pecs!

We welcome any feedback you might have by leaving it in the form below. What are your guesses on these two guys?



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