belami boyfriends of the week – you’ve seen them before



It’s time for a trip back in Boyfriend history.

This week, the Belami studio sent us a lovely pair (as always) of boyfriends cavorting outside and in their beautiful bedroom (ditto,) from the recent past. Not back way in the past, but recently, “…in the last couple of years.” 

This week, we present Jack and Marc who will of course look very familiar to you, if you’re a fan of the studio and their stable of gorgeous European models.

Here’s what the studio has to say about this week’s free BelAmi gay video:

I’m all for the old adage that Two are better than One, especially when the 2 are Jack Harrer and Marc Ruffalo. This week’s featured models have been paired up once before in a scene that we showed you a couple of years ago, and we are happy that we were able to get them together again for this photo shoot and video.

In this week’s video you will see that everyone was in very good humor for this shoot, with lots of joking and general camaraderie, which always makes for a good photo shoot. Regulars will recognize the location as our regular ‘outdoor’ place near Budapest.

Click on any of their pictures below to see the Belami video.




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