will he survive this hookup?



We had to watch this one all the way through.


In this afternoon hookup between Taylor Reign and Manuel Skye, things got pretty intense. Mostly we wondered in this DILF vs. Twink video if Manuel was going to survive spending the afternoon fucking this hot twink bottom who was all set to wear him out. And then things turned and we were wondering if Taylor was going to be walking straight after spending the afternoon getting fucked by this older, more experienced DILF who really knows how to lay some pipe. You’ll also notice that we had a lot of trouble editing out the photos we got from the studio on this DILF vs. Twink video because they were all so good. You just don’t often see our posting 25+ photos from the same gay fuck scene.

(We worked on this posting for two days including watching the video … I won’t say why it took so long!)

Here’s what the studio said about this video:

Taylor Reign

There’s no random selection that brings together Taylor Reign and Manuel Skye. They just HAD to be paired up! Taylor likes experienced, older, muscular guys who basically know what they’re doing. Plus, according to Taylor, “I swear their dicks are bigger!” Meanwhile, Manuel Skye likes the tight bodies of younger guys as well as making a connection and building trust in the pursuit of the balance between romantic sensuality and hard sex. Their connection begins slowly and sensually with kissing and simmering appreciation of each other’s bodies: Taylor’s taut frame and Manuel’s thicker bulging muscularity. Taylor’s mouth finds Manuel’s thick cock, he savors every inch and triggers Manuel’s instinct to take control and shift to higher gear.

The dominant side of Manuel Skye emerges as he pushes Taylor Reign back on the bed and almost literally takes over his entire body. Manuel sucks his cock and asserts himself verbally and physically by sitting on top of Taylor’s torso and feeds him his cock. Pleased with Taylor’s talented and eager sucking, Manuel makes sure to kiss him back passionately while continuing to engulf him and thrusts his cock against him. Manuel also knows that Taylor loves to be rimmed and fills that need, putting him into several positions through some sexual acrobatics. They both get what they want in the process. Taylor gets manhandled while Manuel displays his physical strength and sexual prowess. After one strength/balance position that brings them face to face and kissing, Manuel flips Taylor back on the bed to fuck him.

Manuel Skye nails Taylor Reign flattened to the bed and shows him no mercy by including some forceful butt slaps as he fucks him. If you recall, Manuel is an aerial acrobat, and he decides to include a very willing Taylor in his “act”. A padded headboard comes in handy as Manuel hammers Taylor against it and it provides support for some mid-air fucking. Although Manuel eases up to suck Taylor again, he returns to acrobatically manhandling him. He nails him like art to a wall between two windows before carrying Taylor back to bed and letting him ride his cock until he shoots over his Manuel’s washboard abs. For the final act Manuel Skye lies Taylor Reign on his back and erupts over him. There’s so much and it lasts so long that he’s able to direct his shots all over Taylor’s torso! That’s talent!

Click on any of their pictures below to see the entire free video of these two hot gay men fucking!





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