big and bare – raw fucking twink boyfriends of the week

Are you sure that’s going to fit?

This week, our two gay twink boyfriends are barebacking and the top is hung pretty large. Here’s what the studio has to say about this free gay barebacking video:

This sultry scene opens with a cocky Colton James confidently declaring he’s about to fuck cute pocket sized twink Grayson Lange up the ass! Grayson puts up a playful fight with a lil’ tickle torture before giving in with an adorable smile on his fuck me face. The pint-sized pretty boy is absolutely dying to wrap his lips around Colton’s colossal cock. James poses a question, unsure if the twink is able to deep throat his monster.

They say ask and you shall receive and BOY DOES HE!

The entire length disappears down Lange’s throat and Colton is left absolutely COCK-eyed with ecstasy! Lange isn’t lacking in the “piece” department either. Big things DEFINITELY come in small packages when we’re talking about this twink. James gets his jollies downing the boys junk before lifting his legs well over his head to get at that amazing ass.

He orders the slut to stroke himself as he eats; pretty boy does what he’s told. With one hand on the guy’s ankles and the other guiding his groin, Colton delivers some deep dick. After whipping him around like his personal play thing and ordering him to “just take it” Lange lets our top know he wants to ride the whopper. It’s a beautiful sight watching all that dick go in and out of his smooth, beautiful behind. Colton keeps his eyes on Grayson’s increasingly hard rod. It’s obvious the things about to blow and when it unleashes its wrath all over Colton’s tattoo’d chest it’s only natural Colton is about to follow. Ordering the busy bottom to his knees, he douses the dude with dick!

Looking like a gigantic dick sprinkler, Colton creams all over his baby face and mouth, making a sexy mess that drizzles down onto Grayson’s chest. Talk about a happy ending!

To watch the entire free gay barebacking video, click on any of the pictures below:

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