dvd auction of the week – “young in heat”

Ah, to be young, and in heat!


This week we are introducing a new feature on easyboyfriend.com, showing off some of the gay DVDs that you may have missed in the past, that we found at very low auction prices, like, starting at under $10!

Note we said auction so that means that if you’re reading this page months from now, it could be that the DVD has already sold, so when you see it, you got to click on it!

These Gay Adult DVD Auctions last 5 days at a time and we will try to get them on the first day they go live. The auction will close out 5 days later (duh.)  If the Gay DVD doesn’t sell in that 5 day auction, it keeps getting re-listed until it sells again, so you might still have a chance at it if you come in late to the game. It’s always worth a click-through to see if the gay video is still available.

Watch this space: We will add one or two (-ish) per week depending on what is out there, and if we find anything of particular interest.  Meanwhile, if there’s a Gay Adult Video niche you’d like to see as the Gay DVD Auction of the Week, send a message (below) to Aughra and we will do our best to find something interesting!



Young in Heat - Cocksure Men

Young in Heat – Cocksure Men

  Young in Heat
from Cocksure Men

brand new in the original shrink wrap

2+ hours 5 scenes


  • Rick McCoy
  • Zac Blake
  • Ty Roderick
  • Troy Collins
  • Parker London
  • Will Parks (losing his gay virginity)
  • Joey Solo
  • (Bonus) Robbie Bensen solo scene

Directed by Jake Cruise


Opening Bid: $5.99
click to bid



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