he shoots and he scores – bareback soccer jocks



It always pays to be a good teammate.

This week we feature an interesting duo of soccer twinks in a very hot bareback scene. To put an additional twist on the tale, our top wears glasses!

This is the story of Blake and Chandler who start out on the field and make their way indoors for some steamy bareback fucking. Here’s what the studio says about the scene:

We love boyfriends playing with balls. We also love athletes! Bring the two together and you’ve got a bonetastic, ball slapping bang-fest between ultra attractive athletes Blake Mitchell and Chandler Mason.

They’re working up a sweat on the soccer field bangin’ their balls around. In a bit of a different way, they continue that theme once they get inside. Starting with a tickle fight/wrestling match, their muscles ripple and flex as the guys lick salty sweat from each other’s fresh off the field bodies. Blake gobbles Chandler’s ball bat sized boner. Being good teammates, the guys take turns tasting each other before Blake decides to go for the goal. Chandler plants his tight tush right down on Blake’s big condom free cock and it is THE best seat in the house. Seeing Chandler jack his giant piece with Blake’s big dick hitting home is heavenly.

Click on any of their pictures below to see the entire free gay bareback video featuring these two smooth jocks:

bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-15 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-16 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-1 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-2 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-3 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-4 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-5 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-6 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-7 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-8 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-9 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-10 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-11 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-12 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-13 bareback-gay-twink-soccer-jocks-one-wearing-glasses-14








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