sunday wild card – kinky asian doctors and more

We never know what is going to show up for our Wild Card entries…


First, a kinky Asian doctor named Dr. Gayvara who does a pretty wild and kinky examination of this Asian twink’s ass, and then somehow ends up getting barebacked by his patient. You gotta see this one. Click on their picture to see the entire free gay video barebacking scene of slim hairless Asian bareback fucking.

kinky asian doctor examines twink's ass and then takes his load bareback



Then we have two very bad puppies from Bad Puppy.

Here’s a little info about our boys, Nico and Randall:


niko-and-randall-smooth-gay-twinks-fucking-1 niko-and-randall-smooth-gay-twinks-fucking-2 niko-and-randall-smooth-gay-twinks-fucking-3 niko-and-randall-smooth-gay-twinks-fucking-hero



Nico Sideropolus and Randall Sacks met at a local club and hit it off from the very start. Nico invited Randall back to his flat and it was not long before these two hot studs were sitting in bed passionately kissing each other. Shirts are slowly stripped off as these two explore each other’s young and tight bodies. Both boys slip out of their jeans and both of their cocks are standing at attention. Nico kneels down on the bed with his crotch next to Randall’s face. Randall immediately sucks up every inch of Nico’s cock and then proceeds to blow him as his balls swings with the rhythm of the face-fucking he is giving. Randall keeps jerking his cock while sucking on Nico’s and Nico motions that it’s time to switch positions as he wants Randall’s sweet cock in his mouth. Randall goes about fucking Nico’s mouth while Nico continues to jerk his meat. But that’s not where this meat party ends. Randall turns around, gets up on his knees and bends over so that Nico can bury his face in Randall’s ass where his tongue and fingers go to work on Randall’s hole, priming it for the obvious penetration that Nico desires. With Randall’s ass loose and ready, Nico mounts him and slowly slides his cock deep into Randall. It only takes a moment for Randall to settle his ass down and then Nico begins pounding feverishly. Randall take ass-fucking for quite a long time; but, then he grabs his cock in hand and with just a few short jerks of his hand cum starts gushing out all over his leg and cock. Nico feels Randall’s ass tighten around his cock as he cums; and, the stimulation puts Nico over the edge. He pulls out of Randall’s ass and his cock begins shooting his pent up load of jizz all over Randall’s asshole and balls. Completely satisfied these two studs settle down on the bed, kiss and are off to sleep.

click on any of their pictures above to watch their free gay twink fucking video.







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