a big cock – vintage boyfriends of the week

We promised you a picture of a big cock, so here you go.


Here are our four picks for Easyboyfriend Vintage Boyfriend of the Week.


Huge muscle German body builder from the late 1800s. We have seen pictures of him nude, lifting weights, and fit for boxing. A very nice looking, incredibly muscular pre-WWI piece of manflesh. He didn’t have the most gigantic peen in the book, but we only ever saw it at rest.

easyboyfriend vintage - German goxer and body builder - 19th Century









Naked body builder and artists’ model. This 19th Centuryeasyboyfriend vintage - naked body builder posing - 19th Century man would stand on a platform for hours at a time, posing, for art classes and medical students, showing off the art of the human form divine.









Naked guys on the beach, showing off in interesting gymnastic poses.  We are sure there isn’t an Olympic sport for this type of tumbling around.  In the 1950s and 60s when this type picture was popular – usually ordered by mail or shown in Physique magazines, these guys were nudists and naturists.

easyboyfriend vintage - naturist nudists in gymnastic pose - 1960s











The Huge Cock.  It’s impossible for us to come up with any kind of good description for this guy and his rooster costume other than, “Because… cock!”















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