hairy chests and more – gay boyfriend of the week foursome

Ah, the hairy chested boyfriends!

We have two boyfriend submissions this week with very hot looking hairy chests, plus one ginger we could spend a hot weekend with, and  a close-shaved Latino boyfriend we would be with all the following week.


Hairy chest in wife beater

gay boyfriend in his car hairy chest low cut wife beaterEven better, his is very low cut so we get the full view of that hairy cleft between his pecs.

That perfectly shaved face with the cut-out in his scruff for those wide, kissable lips. We wish he was driving this car to our place, and planning on staying a very long time.


Ginger boyfriend styling a new cut

Yes we know that reds are a love-hate, and we are here to testify that we love them to the extreme!

ginger gay boyfriend with new haircut long neck

A fantastic stand-up – just like his dick – hair cut and those eyes that seem to look deep into you. How could you not want to fall on those lips and kiss all night?







Wearing the cap the way it’s supposed to be.

hairy chest gay boyfriend pretty green eyes baseball cap

His chest hair looks a little trimmed back but that’s ok. It’s a nice match for that scruff on his face, and those deep brown eyes. And he’s wearing the kind of wife beater t-shirt that we’d like to rip off him to get at the entire package underneath.

We might even let him park the truck first.


Close-cropped Latino in Love

latino gay boyfriend fuck me look

This gay boyfriend defines the “come fuck me” look! That smooth skin and perfect trim to his hair. The only thing missing from his picture is that shirt off him to show off his smooth chest, and a reach-around to turn off the lamp in the room so we can get down to business.

We’d like to see your favorite boyfriend pics in our in-box.





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