fantasy drawings – gay art of the week

Four examples of some of our favorite gay fantasies done as mixed media gay art.



The bully pushing around the nerd.


bully about to get fucked by gay nerd - gay drawing

In the story as we imagine it, there’s a little surprise just out of sight. The bully is showing a little too much wood, and all that hard, pressed up against the hapless glasses-wearing nerd, causes our boy in the red briefs to turn into the instant power top.

And then the “bully” has to do this little game every night after practice, with the nerd waiting to be “pushed around.” 



Shoes Off in the Gym

gay art - shoes off in the gym

Art for you guys who like to see a jock’s big feet as he’s getting ready for his workout in the gym. We love those thick hairy legs, and the thick dick that’s waiting inside those white underwear.  What does the ring mean? It means that he wants you to lick his toes like his uptight girlfriend at home won’t do. And if you’ve any good at it … meet in the steam room for round 2.


Take me.

gay art - take me - ready to be fucked raw tied to bed

Some of you might not be old enough to know what that rectanfular thing with “eyes” is that’s on the bed next to our anonymous bottom slut here. It’s a video cassette for a VCR. Google it, bitch.

The blindfold only makes it hotter – he knows who you are, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he has to see what you’re going to do with him and his big round ass when you walk in the dark room. But look at it this way: you’ve been doing it to his ass all this time that you already know the drill. And just in case you need some inspiration, the first part of that tape is how you did him last time.

The second part is how his boyfriend took it from him, last week!


The Initiation

the fraternity initiation - gay art

The D-I-K letters on the paddles and the Pledge Master’s shirt might be a little over the top with cuteness. We remember getting our asses turned red at some of the initiation parties we had.

And if we remember correctly, the blindfolds aren’t there for the paddling part. It’s for the part where the pledges have to guess by “touch” (ahem) which dick belongs to which brother. Guess wrong and it’s more whacks with the paddles.

I remember guessing wrong on purpose at more than one party, just for the paddling.





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