4 full moons – gay boyfriend butts of the week

Its a full moon week here.

Four of our favorite submissions of the week with a bunch of different views of the part of a boyfriend we like best.


The dressing room.

cute leather twink trying on body harness - naked showing smooth fuckable ass

Who doesn’t love a hot top with an ass you want to dive into, tongue-deep?

Everybody has to get started in some leather somewhere, and this smooth jock is trying on an X-harness in the dressing room, while wearing nothing but an arm band and black jock.  We can only hope that when he turns around, that smell of fresh new leather is having an effect on the fit of his very masculine jock strap.


The hookup pic, #1

round gay ass in workout gear, shorts pulled down

You see dozens of them every week on the hookup sites, those faceless pics that they tease with, and then open up the “private” pics so you get to see their face.

This one was a pleasant surprise indeed. We got to see the face – and that hot ass – in person!


The Tattoo Museum

smooth bare asian gay ass inked for full body tattoos


As long as a guy has a matched set of tatts going around his body, the effect of the full-body tattoo can be amazingly hot. We hope that the boyfriend in this pic finishes out the in-coloring on this full back Asian art piece that runs from his shoulders to below his ass cheeks. And we love the lotus that the main character is sitting on!


The Hookup pic #2

twink with ass up waiting for you to breed his bare hole

This is what we like to see waiting when we show up for that open door/ass-up late night hookup. A nice round ass with those short hairy legs waiting to pull you in, as you kneel on the bed, and dive into that luscious butt.  This boyfriend we’d like to see multiple times each week!




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