playing in the sex club – gay boyfriends of the week

Let’s do it in public.

Sometimes you need to add a little spice. That’s the case with these two barebacking boyfriends who take it to the sex club, and get busy right out where everyone can see them.

Click on their photo to see the whole story:

gay boyfriends fucking at the bath house

This pair gives new meaning to “right there,” as these jocks work all their muscles.

Sitting on the table, Logan waits for Holden to get naked, and climb aboard. Hearing what a big boy Holden “grows-to-be,” Logan gets right to work to “bring up” that fact. Getting as much down his throat as he can, the bottom agrees, “that’s really hot.” On his back, Logan works on his partner; damn, that up-close shot of Holden’s cock is amazing.

The top then puts the bottom boy back on the table in his favorite position. Presenting his Celtic Knot, Logan does like the “interlaced pattern” in this pairing. With Holden’s comment, “it feels so good being inside you,” the camera zooms below for all the connection. Holden’s gorgeous ass pounds the bottom, and from the side view, Logan has no problem “showing” how he feels with that thick cock in. When the bottom flips over, these two jocks are working as a great team; I’d love to be the water boy. Holden gives some kudos, “you know how to take a cock don’t you.” This leads to Logan getting close and moaning, “I’m gonna cum soon.” Bending over, Holden laps up all that the bottom blows; the top then returns to his pounding. As Holden pulls out, he spews right into Logan’s hole with perfect accuracy and intensity.


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