lust – straight boyfriend of the week

We’ve not heard from Playgirl in quite a while.

I know. I hear you saying that Playgirl isn’t a gay site, but keep in mind that a lot of our viewers like the look of the guys on that site, and a bunch of our guys checking in here really do watch straight porn.

Since we last saw photos and videos from them, they have gone more brave and have men and women fucking, rather than the previous video clips of men solo. This is the case with this new one.

Don’t worry, we have left out all of the vagina stuff. We couldn’t show it anyway, because these two go straight (ahem) to the fucking.

This week’s model is in a video titled Apprehension of Lust and you can take a look by clicking on any of the photos below.

And if you are into watching straight porn, we will keep a lookout for more that we can show from Playgirl. We focus on the men – of course – and this one is absolutely delicious!



straight guy fucking - playgirl Apprehension_of_Lust-01 straight guy fucking - playgirl Apprehension_of_Lust-02 straight guy fucking - playgirl Apprehension_of_Lust-03 straight guy fucking - playgirl Apprehension_of_Lust-04 straight guy fucking - playgirl Apprehension_of_Lust-05 straight guy fucking - playgirl Apprehension_of_Lust-06









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