big and pale – boyfriend butts of the week

This week we went for big and we went for paleskin boyfriends


gay boyfriend ass pants down in kitchen

Just the way we like to have our breakfast served up: blond jock, pants down, showing that big peach shape of an ass.








gay boyfriend ass underswear down blonde muscles smooth
Another blond boyfriend. Super muscular. We love that white-blond hair, what little of it there is. And that hot ass looks like… lunch!








gay boyfriend big butt jock leaning over a rail with trackies pulled down.
Why is it that when I check into a hotel, I never get this view? Hotter than hot Latino boyfriend with big round ass – leaning over the railing with his shorts pulled over that amber moon.

It makes me wonder what he’s waiting for … or who just left.






gay boyfriend butt jockstrap showing ass bedroom
The hookup pic that we like to see most on a lonely night at home. Boyfriend jock in his jock, that bright ‘n lite skin ass stuck right up in the camera. We will be over there in 5. Make sure the roommates are all out, or fast asleep.




gay boyfriend swimmer naked tan lines bikini ass
Taking a swim in broad daylight. He was kind enough to pull off the Aussie Bums so we could see his awesome bum underneath! Tan lines: our favorite kind of gay boyfriend ass to gaze.







gay boyfriend trheww way big jock ass raw
The club crew!  It always starts out as just having a little fun out at the club, mooning the crowd and showing off the underwear and what’s underneath.

Add alcohol, wait three hours. Then we have the 3-way in the middle guy’s bed back at the frat house.

Shhhh!  Don’t wake up the pledges.







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