hard core – vintage gay boyfriend of the week

Any time somebody sends us a blonde, we have to stop and look!

One of our readers sent us a whole “passel” of vintage/antique gay pics for our blog, because he says Aughra has been remiss on keeping up with the Antique Boyfriend of the Week. (We changed “antique” to “vintage, but that’s ok.)

We normally post our guys in sets of 3 or 4 at a time (there’s just so many to get through) but this one jumped off the digital page.

He’s from some skin magazine we’re guessing from the mid to late 1960s, since he’s not wearing anything covering his peen. Even though the drapes don’t match the carpet, that blond hair (on his head) caught A’s attention, so here he is.

We wouldn’t mind going back in time to see what that core is like… when it’s really hard!



harde core gay pic from the past - vintage blond jock naked hard





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