4 boyfriends showing no face – easyboyfriend navel of the week

No face in the pic and that’s ok


It’s been a while since we went through our submissions of Navel boyfriends – the guys who are ready to show the package but not necessarily the face. That’s fine by us! We call them all the Navel Boyfriend of the Week.

And, these guys could win up to a $100 iTunes gift card just for showing us whether they are innie or outie. Look at the page links above to find out more.



Camo Time.

This boyfriend is popping some veins to show us a decent looking V on that super smooth, super pale skin. I’m sure that even with these shorts on, we’d be able to find him in the jungle.


camo gay underwear jungle fatigues navel showing


High-Cut Square Cuts

Some guys just don’t look very good in a square cut tank, because the sides tend to move up on that V, and the middle tends to move down toward the junk. Even with the pronounced cut on this boyfriend, we like the way these fairly high-cut trunks sit. I’m sure it has something to do with the color of the stripes.  And the way that blue at the bottom accentuates the package.

We just can’t explain that tan line above his navel. Shirtless in fishing waders maybe?


gay boyfriend navel wearing striped square cut undies



The Hidden Hollisters

This guy is even a little shy about showing off the underwear as he just pulls down the board shorts and gives us a peek at the nice looking Vee, and the Hollisters pushed down to the pubes to show off those cuts. That is a pleasure trail we wouldn’t mind following.


gay jock wearing hollister showing his navel



The Classic look in the Classic pose

This boyfriend is showing off the old-school white briefs that look to be holding back a fairly sizeable package inside. As our only outie on the page this week, we like the way he chose that very classic guy pose. The only thing better would be if he were pointing to some far off unseen thing out of camera range, a’la Sears Catalog pages.


tightie whiteys gay boy showing a big bulge and his navel






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