butt of the week –

Stand and deliver.

Or squat; that’s good too.

We get a lot of amateur pictures for easyboyfriend butt of the week that show bottom boys showing it all, ass-up on the bed, with a long shot down their back to the nice curve of their butt. Maybe we will show that next time, since there are millions of those guys. This week, it’s the stand (or squat) and delivery with these four hotties:

gay jock showing his ass at the gym while posingWe are in love with the entire package for this butt-showing jock in the gym. I assume that’s a dance move since it’s far too muscular for yoga. And the Asian body arts just don’t include that style of jazz hands! Whatever the case, he is a hottie, and we love the outline of his butt in those blue shorts, with a fairly traditional looking jock strap peeking out over the waist band.

However the bunched-down socks in his vintage-style shoes give him away as a boyfriend.

We love him!



gay twink flashes his ass in the grocery store








Our next boyfriend does for us what you have always wanted to do: give a quick flash of your ass at the grocery store, preferably while his boyfriend is standing behind him taking this picture, and it’s not a screen save from the store security camera!

We don’t know what the rest of his ass looks like, and frankly we don’t care because it looks so perky, peeking out from his jeans like this.

And how convenient that he’s standing right near the olive oil… let’s make those cheeks shine!



smooth gay latino jock shows his super hot ass outside in a squat

Our next guy takes a bit of imagination, and that’s because wearing BLACK never shows off your packages – either side. So if you think black makes you look sexy, remember this picture: we can’t get a fast / long distance look at what your ass is like. (The same goes for the goods in front, but we might discuss that some time if there’s a “bulge of the week” stand down.)

Still, the way he squats down and pushes that cake out, plus the tatt going around his side and the rings on his leg… yummy.

It doesn’t really matter exactly what his ass looks like in that dark color clothes, because we want them all OFF and on the floor.

By. Our. Bed.



We offer this one to you as a yes or no opinion / guess problem. Is he is or is he ain’t a boyfriend? There’s that gruff, str8 look to him with all those tattoos, the goofy hat, the weight lifting gloves (maybe that’s to lift his giant peen), and the cut all to hell tank top, meant to show off his muscles. tattooed gay skater boy with baby smooth ass ready for fucking

And then as we look down further, we get to his ASS. Acres and acres of ass! Is it munchable, lunchable, or do you want to see how good he is at working with a pile driver?

Let us know what you think.















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