new section added: gay news archive

Easyboyfriend, like most of your friends, is older than it appears.

We have dozens (hundreds?) of old News articles from the older version of easyboyfriend from back in the days when we were a “static” website (that means you put up each page as a full on html page, rather than a blog entry), and our Gay News section went all the way back to 2003.

To keep track of all that older news for gay historians, and folks who just like to read that sort of thing, we are adding a new sub-section in gay news, that is our gay news archive.

I wish we had very exact dates on these stories, more than the year. We are looking around with our archives to see if we can give you the date that these stories were posted, and keep in mind they might not be in any particular order.

We hope you enjoy. And those who have been with us for the past decade and a half, we hope these bring back memories when things weren’t quite the same in the gay world as they are now.

Keep in mind that what we go through now is also nothing like what the next generations will have tomorrow.

Good reading!




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