country boys and city boys – gay boyfriend kisses of the week

Three and a half kisses. We think.

This week, we picked four favorites, and our first one is the cutest of the bunch: it’s an animated gif of two boyfriends riding on something tilting and spinning at the fair. What better time to kiss the boyfriend than in full view of the public, but you’re in such a blur, that your girlfriend (or your other boyfriend) isn’t going to catch you at it.

boyfriends on the fair ride

European romance.  This one is a great looking honeymoon picture, or a pic of the guy you met on your trip to Europe. Whichever, it’s a kiss that manages to light up the City of Lights.

gay boyfriends kissing in the streets of Paris






Of course not everybody got to take the fancy trip to Paris. For those, we offer two gay boyfriends “out behind the barn.” What can be more fun – if you’re a country boy – than getting another country boy out of his cowboy hat for a very sweet smooch while nobody’s looking.

gay boyfriends in the country - kissing behind the barn


Finally we offer the picture that bridges us between the cuddling gay boyfriends and the kissing boys. We start out with a little snuggle, and just as one is taking the selfie, the other is giving him the most gentle kiss on his ear.  We ask you: is this a first thing in the morning kiss, or a last thing at night kiss? Before wake-up sex, or … um … before lights-out sex?

gay boyfriends kissing - face the camera and kiss his ear




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