massage with happy ending – underwear boyfriends of the week

Every massage deserves a “happy ending.”

We wish we had some more pictures to show of this gorgeous German couple who use the massage table for its intended purpose, before they use it to get busy. These are the three pictures we can show you (from quite a few we saw!) for this scene from an interesting new barebacking twink site called Twinks in Shorts.

The premise here is pretty straightforward but also pretty hot if you are into massage. The stories/scenes start out with a twink getting a massage from another twink, using massage oil as you’d expect. And the scene ends on the table with some pretty wild barebacking. (In theory – this particular video was all oral and fingering.) Upside here: the top seems to know what he’s doing (more or less – we didn’t test him out ourself!) on how to give a massage.

Highlight of the scene: Paul on top straddling his client, and rubbing Pat’s rock hard twink cock on hi (Paul’s) well-oiled chest. I’m not sure how long I could hold out against that kind of sensation!

If you are a fan of guys in their underwear, and then climbing out of their underwear, you’ll like this one, we’re sure. High Fashion meets hot bareback sex. Feel free to click on any of their pictures below, and then look for “Paul Fresh and Pat Miller” (they were a late December 2015 addition) to see the entire story.

Below their pictures, we’ve included the scene description from the website, to give you more detail on what’s going on. We are looking forward to many more updates from this cute new site.


smooth gay twink gets barebacked with massage oil by blonde masseur  1 smooth gay twink gets barebacked with massage oil by blonde masseur  2 smooth gay twink gets barebacked with massage oil by blonde masseur  3

After getting a massage from Marc Born, slender twink Pat Miller  is hooked to the slick and slippery sensation of another man’s strong hands all over his naked body.

This time, Pat is in to see big and beefy hunk, Paul Fresh. The tattooed blond is serious about giving Roco an amazing twink massage but as he kneads the flesh and gives Pat some compression, it’s soon clear Pat needs more. If the moans didn’t give it away, his writhing hips do!

Paul has seen this before and knows exactly what to do: delay the pleasure. Teasing the twink bottom with slippery hands and powerful smacks on the glutes, Paul plays with Pat. Pulling his cheeks apart and exposing the tender pink bud that is Pat’s fuckhole before moving further down, to his legs.

Agonizingly slow, to further enhance the session and fuel Pat’s desire, Paul fingers the attention-starved twink, already slippery with oil, and slides in deep. Paul is soon wearing nothing but his Speedos, his powerful, smooth body pressed tight against Pat, who craves the man’s touch and his expert handling. Pushed to his limits, Pat soon explodes with a fury and his body completely relaxes.

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