in the club and in the kitchen – gay boyfriend kiss of the week

From the club to the wedding chapel – when it comes to gay boyfriends kissing, we see it all.

This week we bring you a selection of four new pics of boyfriends kissing in different situations.

boys in undies kissing in the kitchen

Boyfriends making out and kissing in the kitchen. One is in his underwear and the other looks to be shirtless but at least wearing his jeans. The apron helps too, especially if he’s cooking bacon!


gay jocks kissing outside wearing baseball caps

Jocks kissing before the game – or is it after the game? Both are managing to keep their baseball caps on. Imagine how much fun this would be if they were on opposing teams. Would they throw the game, or just throw each other into the back seat of a car after the game is over?

gay married men kiss at the end of their wedding

Two gay husbands kissing at the end of the wedding ceremony. At least that’s what we hope it is! Since Aughra isn’t really the marrying type, her first impression was either two groomsmen, or the Best Man and the Brother of the … Groom, or it was the Groom and his married brother.

Aughra has such a wild imagination.

interracial gay - kissing my black boyfriend in the club

Kissing at the club. Did they just meet there a few minutes ago, or did they show up together with all plans on leaving together at the end of the evening? It’s so difficult to tell. Who knows: maybe it’s a mix of the two, and they arrived together, but then hooked up at the club with some new guy (or guys) and might even be planning to take one home. Whichever the case, they look to be extremely good at kissing!




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