in the field – gay military boyfriends of the week

Here’s to our service boys out there in the field.

A few of our favorites that we saw this week, all of military guys out in the field working for the rest of us back here.

gay military boyfriend - stand at attention completely naked

Stand at attention while totally nude. We can get into this all day long. nicely hung and very well proportioned, he’s been lifting some weights and running a lot. And best of all, his pale Italian looking skin isn’t over-done with tattoos. He’s the kind of guy you’d bring home to your boyfriend, for the hottest 3-way of your life.

We just hope he would show up at your door with more clothes than this. Stripping him down – or ordering him to strip, is half the fun.

gay military boyfriend - take off your shirt and show your abs




Take off your shirt and show us your pecs! Don’t you wonder if he shaves in that treasure trail leading down into the hinter land of lust below his belt. Or is that all 100% natural? This boyfriend has been doing his crunches, for sure.



gay military boyfriend on top of tank with his gun - we have this handled

This guy has that look that says, “I’ve got this.” Big smooth muscled shoulders, looking cool as ice behind those sunglasses, and damn! What a big gun he has!

military gaoy boyfriend of the week - look of love in his blue eyes



How could you keep from falling in love with this guy, with that deep stare from his dark eyes? What a great looking guy! And we are sure he looks just as hot out of that uniform, too.












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