his truck might out-rank you – redneck boyfriends of the week

Boys and their trucks…

We’ve not looked at the redneck boyfriends much lately so we decided to put together a collection of the best we have seen lately who are at the top of the list in the “boyfriends and their trucks” type.

If you’ve ever dated a boy who is in love with his truck, you realize that there might be some times that you come in second place.  That is … unless you jump right in there too.

Or: you buy a bigger truck than his!


The one who brings home prizes to show off: like a giant rattle snake

We aren’t sure exactly where this boy found the giant rattlesnake, and we hope we never have to go there with him. But here’s one who brought back a prize from hunting that you might not have expected.

gay redneck boyfriend and his pickup - holding a dead diamond back rattle snake


Fresh from the barber

He’s probably one of our favorites on this page because he’s so clean shaven. Pretty much all-over. I’m sure we would be able to help him shave up the parts that you can’t see under his jeans, and keep those arm pits neat too.

gay redneck boyfriend and his pickupt - shaved head and smooth chest muscular pecs


He’s just going to the store for a pack of cigarettes

…and that was three hours ago. And with deep brown eyes like that to get lost in, can you expect that he would really get back from “the store” on time? Best to try to keep this one on a leash. If you can find one long enough.

gay redneck boyfriend in his truck + camo hat + wifebeater hairy chest brown eyes


And guess who left to go get some cigs at the same time!

I have no doubt the boyfriend above wouldn’t be running down to the Pick ‘n Pay for this hot ginger redneck boy in his truck. Now we know what they have really been smoking: each other’s ass and cock.

gay redneck boyfriend in his truck + camo hat ginger sunglasses kissable lips


Some car washes just aren’t big enough

Like in the case of this boyfriend who took his big black Ram down to rinse the dirt off. I’m not sure what has the most muscle here, the truck, those tires, or the driver. Whichever, I think I want to hitch a ride with this one. A whole lot of fun can happen behind blacked-out windows.

gay redneck boyfriend in texas at the six shooter car wash with his black pickup


And sometimes the boyfriend just can’t be big enough for the truck

As is the case here where our boyfriend has to climb up on the wheels of this super lift truck to put some gas in it. We are assuming you’re missing some change from your nightstand since we see him here, feeding his baby. Once you figure out how to get in one of these trucks, these boyfriends can be a lot of fun rolling down the highway too. After all – who would be up high enough to see inside? Just don’t park near any tall office buildings.

gay redneck boyfriend putting gas in his jacked up white pickup - super lift - tan - sleeveless wife beater t-shirt


 If you can’t beat the truck, then join in the fun

And here’s the best way to do it. While you’re down and the drive-through convenience store (yes, they do make those) then use some loose change to pick up a few fridge packs of your favorite skunked beer, and sit out on the tool chest by the star light and get happily buzzed on the worst tasting “adult beverage” you ever tasted. But hey – it’s worth it for what happens later in the back seat, right?

gay redneck boyfriends drinking beer in the bed of a pickup truck - crushed cans and bottles cowboy boots torn jeans


Daddy says ‘Go big or go home.’

We love this picture of our big muscle-bound ginger daddy with the big old dick just spread out there waiting to be played with in the bunk of his truck. What we like better of course is that he drives a … wait for it … Peterbilt. We are into this Daddy boyfriend for the long haul.

gay redneck truck driver in the cab of his peterbilt completely naked


Muddin’ is a real sport. Trust us.

I suppose that any place away from a redneck population this sport would be called “Mudding,” but here down south the word is “muddin’.” The idea is to take your (preferably all wheel drive) vehicle out someplace very wet and muddy, and drive around as fast as you can and see how much of a mess you can make, throwing mud all over the vehicle and yourself. In this case, we assume that the boyfriend left his back window flaps rolled up and things got a little dirty inside. Oh well. The up side of a Jeep is that you just open it up and hose it out.  And if you look a few pictures up, we know the perfect place he can go and get all cleaned up, at the Six Shooter Car Wash.

redneck gay boyfriend - going mudding in his jeep wrangler + making a muddy mess


How do these boys stay so pale?

We are always fascinated how these boys can spend half their life outside with their shirts off and tucked in the back of their jeans, and still be as pale white as this one. But still: we were first impressed by his ability to multi task with the cigarette, the beer, and the “chew” that’s tucked inside his waist. That is one dexterous boyfriend. We wonder what he’s like when those jeans come off.

redneck gay boyfriend smooth smoking skoal and natural light beer with his pickup


Boys who fix trucks together are stuck together

And no we don’t mean from the engine grease. Other that some hot-ass looking bodies and butts you could bounce a quarter off, these boys share a common interest. The standing on a stool part is just too cute to be ignored. We are sure they are a perfect fit, though, once they get under the sheets.

redneck gay boyfriends - working on the truck engine shirtless and smooth




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