monday kissing sessions

Start the week with a kiss.

We present a few of our favorite kissing boyfriends found this week. Even one that was left over from last summer’s European gay pride festivals. Let’s start with them first.

Soaking wet and kissing in the fountains at the Pride festivals in Europe. Warming up the cool of the fountain’s water with a shirtless, soaking-wet kiss. And don’t forget to bring your rainbow flag.

gay boyfriends kissing in a fountain shirtless soaking wet gay flag waving gay sex


Dressing up for the beginning of the week, next, we have a boyfriend who knows how to tie a real bow tie rather than strap one on. And such a gentle kiss for his boyfriend with the ripped jeans:

gay boyfriends kissing outside by the rocks - boy in a bow tie


Snuggling on the sofa in the evening by a window as the sun sets. We like these two Latino boyfriends who end the day with a very gentle kiss:

gay boyfriends kissing on the sofa by a bright lamp light - latino mexican boys kissing


Boyfriends who stay together for a very, very long time (and by that we mean more than a year!! – aughra) begin to look – ever so slightly – alike.  This always works so much better – and lasts longer – than going out and picking out a boyfriend who looks like you.

gay boyfriends kissing outside in an open field - nose piercing


What’s even better than the kiss? The pre-kiss starting with staring into your boyfriend’s eyes, getting so close your noses touch, and then … ever-so-slowly … the kiss. So sweet!

gay boyfriends kissing - interracial gay couple just about to kiss gay piercings gay black boy



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