outdoors – boyfriend butt of the week

A collection of some favorite outdoors shots

No summer is complete without a few ass shots of boyfriends showing some cheek out in the sunlight. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. The whole fraternity goes on spring break together, part 1

It doesn’t look too bad so far, just a bunch of guys showing some tan lines – note the boy in the red with the pretty hot looking thong lines there in the front. We wonder who will be doing some serious ass time later back in the hotel room.

fraternity brothers all showing ass on the beach at spring break - one of them gets fucked


2.  Ginger frat boy loses his trunks in the waves.

This always seems to happen at the beach: there’s one guy out in the water who can’t keep his shorts up. Free show for everyone standing around.

ginger frat boy in the water showing his wet ass


3. Walking down the nude beach, nude.

Don’t do this unless you have the ass – and other parts – to pull it off. Really.

walking naked down the beach - showing his round white ass


4. Twinks jumping around in a fountain in Europe.

This is what makes traveling fun. Those European boyfriends really don’t care a lot about what’s showing on the street, so what’s wrong with jumping around in a public fountain, and showing some barely-concealed ass crack beneath their next to nothing gay underwear.

hairless european twinks getting wet in a fountain and showing their ass


5. The whole fraternity goes on spring break together, part 2

After a few days of getting drunk on the beach in all that sun, things like this start to happen. As soon as the girlfriend falls asleep, you and the brothers start to fuck. Bro No Homo indeed.

fuck your drunk frat buddy on the beach during spring break





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