four selfies – the muscular boyfriends

This week’s collection of selfies offers you another selection of four. This time we went for the muscular studs, and feel free to choose one, or as many as you’d like. Let Aughra know which of them is your favorite. She definitely has one in this lot.



1. Ever-smiling boyfriend in the bathroom.

We never know if these guys are perpetually happy or if they’re up to something. We like that happy looking smile of his and definitely like the way his huge pecs slim down to that tiny almost twink-size waist. I’d lick that like a lollipop.

four selfies - 1 - musclular smiling boyfriend in the bathroom



2. Under Armour boyfriend in the locker room.

Yes. We flipped his image so you could read his waist band. He’s doing that usual sly (not!!) move of pulling his trackies down to his knees, then the UA, to give us the barest hint of the well-manscaped bits underneath. I’m thinking str8 guy on the DL. There’s just something about him that makes me think of Magic Mike doing that twisty thing around his front so we don’t see his junk. Too bad. It looks like a fairly nice package even while at full parade rest.

four selfies - 2 - Under Armour boyfriend in the locker room nearly shows his cock



3. Mixed Latino guy with pex from Hell and tons ‘o tatts.

Again, we flipped the image. We don’t like pics of boyfriends where you can’t read all that their body is advertising. Augra dislikes reading backwards and in reverse – or whatever that would be. In this case, this utterly kissable boyfrien’s face just says passion, and not the perfume kind! And we are all about the ink across his chest: Family First. Kid ‘n Play would be so proud!

four selfies - 3 - mixed puerto rican muscular boy with tattoos on his chest



4. We don’t know what to make of this but we want it anyway.

This boyfriend is the paradox of the day. So many conflicting stories here. Huge chest, even more huge junk (and it’s not even full-on!) Scruffy Shaved head. Russio-Roman face. And those threaded eyebrows and duck face. There are so many ways to go with this boyfriend that we don’t even know where to start. We will think on it long and hard.

four selfies - 4 - perfect eyebrows on muscular huge dick boyfriend


Which of our 4 do you like best? Let us know below. You’re liable to see more of your favorite “type” in later days.



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