the 4 anon brothers – gay navel shots of the week

This week we had an idea. (don’t laugh)

I know that you are one of those thousands of guys who really hate the headless pics on the hookup sites, where we get to know the guy only by the number of freckles on his abs, or whether is cut or not (both above and below the belt.)

Since we present the Navel of the Week at some irregular regularity, and also the Butt of the Week, we thought it would be fun to look at them as if they were the hook-up pics that landed in your inbox. Which of the four would be your choice?

Of course Aughra has one (or two)  favorites on today’s list, but she will keep that to herself so as not to influence voting:


1. Smooth anon guy wearing his bright green Calvins.

They almost are enough to distract us from his 0% body fat torso, but not quite enough.

anonymous gay boyfriend in green calvins

2. Boy in Black.

He tried very hard to stay anon in this photo showing off his smooth hairless body. He just didn’t reckon on the highly reflective surface of the mirror frame. (We cut out that tiny detail to he could remain… faceless.)

anon gay boy hook up picture wearing black undies

3. For some reason we called this one “gay on the side.”

Maybe it was the faintest tan line around his shoulders from the wife beater. Or maybe is was that no real gay man would make a hookup picture wearing fashion camo underwear. We leave it to the viewer to decide. And to decide whether or not to tell his girlfriend that he needs new socks.

gay on the side boy in camo underwear - anon hookup pic

4. The bi curious jock.

He almost didn’t make it to the category of a navel shot because his is nearly covered by his blanket. We saw this picture and – knowing pecs as well as we do – thought two things: (a) bi-curious, and (b) bottom.

muscular bi-curious jock showing navel only - anon







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