ain’t he grande? – easyboyfriend dvd of the week

Some folks still do watch DVDs

Especially when they are full of super-hot boyfriends that we have seen before around here, and you’d like to keep a hard (ahem) copy of the scenes.

This week’s DVD of the week is from Cocky Boys and features one of our favorites from their stable of twinks on fire: Lucas Grande.

The title of this DVD is “Ain’t He Grande” (click on the box cover to see the review and watch the trailer)

Lucas Grande porn star does it all  1 - video DVD box cover

As you can see, the disc features Lucas, and also includes other stars who have been in scenes with him. Here’s the description from director, Jake Jaxon, famous for the Promises series:



Lukas Grande is a quiet, sultry hung boy who’s a sexual dynamo. he definitely let’s his dick do the talking. Joined by the likes of JackRayder, Ricky Roman, Gabriel Clark & Angel Cruz. This volume is filled with horny boys doing what they do best.

Love Always,
Jake Jaxson



Check out this DVD. It’s a worthy addition to your collection. And, at the time we’re posting this, StudMall is running a special intro price of $34.95, which is 22% off the regular price.

Also worth noting on the site is they are running a $10 Bareback DVD sale. Check out that one too.

Click on the box cover above or either of these two pictures to purchase Ain’t He Grande.


Lucas Grande porn star does it all 2 Lucas Grande porn star does it all 3







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