sunday wild card – barebacking frat boys and more

Finally one from our favorite nasty site.

We never get to show pics from the folks at Sketchy Sex because their balls to the wall bareback frat house videos generally don’t have pictures of smiling guys not fucking. This week we have one!

The one picture we have to show you from their frat house shows a sign taped to the wall above the cum dump (likely pledge) of the day. All you have to do is walk up, unzip, drop trou, and follow the directions. Take one cump dump every eight hours and call me in a week.

Click on his picture to see what happens to him. Oh yea.

sketchy sex - cum dump frat boy


Caught Maskurbating?


Ya it’s a thing. The idea here is to get men of whatever sexual persuasion, or somebody that wants to do porn but not be seen in porn (what??) or celebs or what-have you, and they get to strip and masturbate for you on camera. You get to see them doing the deed while masked! It’s almost a super hero thing.

For this video, Sebastian, he’s a local rock star (I can see why he wouldn’t want people to know this was his dick!) and this is his audition tape. When he gets those jeans off, there’s a huge 8-incher waiting to play.

Click on his pics to see the entire video.

straight rock star strips and jerks off his 8 in dick straight guy strips and jerks off while wearing a mask
















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