take three – three selfie boyfriends of the week

We see tons of selfies every week.

Actually we have more gay selfie pics than we could choose in a couple of years, and by that time they won’t be a Thing any more.

We saved three for you to see this week, and you can think of them as hot, hotter, and hottest, and you get to decide which boyfriend wins which honor. I admit that the laurel for hottest just has to go to #3!

First up we have a guy taking a hotel selfie in his yellow square cuts. We assume it’s a hotel pic because most of us don’t have two neatly folded bath robes on hangers in the bath room at home. Unless we live with our twin.

gay selfie boyfriend in yellow square cut underwear, long hair

The second is a boyfriend who definitely needs a little help around the house to keep things neat. And no, this is not a picture of me. My bathroom looks much more cluttered with product.

gay selfie boyfriend in blue underwear - smooth chest

Our final entry is the most exciting selfie boyfriend we saw this week. This guy is taking his selfie in the dressing room of some store, trying on his black Calvin Klein briefs. And better than that is everything else about his body beyond the underwear! Showing off those powerful quads, showing off more packs than we can drink, and there just isn’t enough good to say about those arms. Yum.

gay selfie boyfriend with huge muscular thighs showing quads in black underwear






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