take your pick – easyboyfriend butt of the week

Today we are playing multiple choice

For our contest for the best butt of the week, we present you with four different candidates, and you get to choose your favorite:

1: The traditional athletic jock strap.

There’s nothing like going old school to show your butt off to its best. In this case, our nice and smooth boyfriend is pulling everything upward with those bright white elastic straps. It improves the line, and definitely points your eyes in the right direction. Oh, Papi!

black gay boyfriend showing his round ass in a white athletic jock

2. The smooth twink butt spread and ready.

That little bum is so cute, and not a hair in sight. We bet he probably bleaches, too. If you like that smooth, lickable, hairless but, this is certainly a great choice.

smooth twink gay boyfriend with round hairless spread ass


3. The perfectly toned jock who knows what he’s got back there

And he wants you to know it. This boyfriend has the big muscular quads, dimples on the sides of that powerful butt. And if you bother taking your vision all the way, that hit and tight cut that makes you think military … or football jock. Take your pick.

gay jock boyfriend in bathroom shaving smooth ass high tight

4. Covering it up doesn’t make you modest.

Our final choice for today is the boyfriend who doesn’t mind keeping the butt under wraps, as long as those wraps are skin tight, and shows you every. Single. Detail. While he’s walking around in this, your brain is going to debate between ripping them off with your hands, or with your teeth. Or just leave them on his and work “under cover.”

gay boyfriend hot ass pic

And those are our four favorite butts for this week. It was too difficult for us to pick the one we liked best, and kept asking if we might could try them all. At one time.

Let us know which one you like best, or better yet – send us a pic of yours. You might just win $100.






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