noah and reuben in prague – gay boyfriend kiss of the week with video

But wait – there’s more

This week’s easyboyfriend kiss is by a rising (ahem) video star named Noah Matous. In the video below, we get to see Noah and boyfriend Reuben Bart kissing on the streets of Prague. Better: its a lovely little travelogue of the city and quite romantic.


There’s a lot more to see of Noah this week. He will be featured in two videos on the Sunday Wild Card this week. If you’d like a preview of what we will be showing, here are the links for the two videos we mention, both starring cute twink Noah as the bareback bottom:

  1.  Noah takes a wild pounding
  2. Noah takes huge bbc raw

Before Sunday, here he is in what is absolutely our kiss of the week. Quite beautiful, and all caught on video.







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