the artistic kiss in shadows and light – gay boyfriend kiss of the week

Love is best when love is new.

This tender shot of two boyfriends kissing is one of our favorites. Remember that you can’t do all your pics in black and white (it makes you look pretentious!) and nobody likes to see how many different Photoshop filters you can throw into one picture. It starts to look like art vomit.

This photo captures a moment of (what we interpret as) new love. Two boyfriends standing just inside their front door, light coming through the blinds on the door. The expressions on the two boyfriends’ faces is what draws us in for a closer look. Such compassion. Such a feeling that – as one looks into the other’s eyes, there can be no one else, now or never.

Let’s all just hope they don’t pull the same trick EVERY time you see them in a bar, in the restaurant, in the mens room at the movies… Let’s all hope you never have to say to these two:

Please. Get. A. Room.

kissing my gay boyfriend just inside the front door



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