looking back to maurice – gay art of the week

Do you remember the novel, Maurice? Um – maybe the movie?

The name is British of course, and so one pronounces the name “Morris.” Whatever. It’s a great novel about the romance between a man who has his place in high society, and a worker (Maurice)  on the family estate, all happening among the British Aristocracy in the 1920s.

Very sweet and tender.

In today’s terms we would call their relationship Intergenerational since the society guy was older by a lot more than the estate guy. The love flourished, and the man figures out that he is indeed homosexual, which (of course, in books of this era) ruins his life and fortunes.

It seems to make little difference, because the man would rather live in happiness with his love, Maurice, that fit in with high society’s rules and regulations on how to act.

Maurice is a coming out story that works even today. And in a few cases the ruination of the older man, but we are going to forgive that detail to time and history and “that’s the way it was back then.”

This painting reminded us of the novel Maurice, the young man finding the secret cabin in the woods on the estate. Standing next to the man who would become his life’s love, plus that man’s best friend who has to watch it all from afar. It’s a very 1920s style with the young man and the best friend both wearing jodhpurs, and the soon to be love in a suit, as if he has just arrived to spend the weekend with his friend.

We love this painting!




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