outdoors & nearly naked – underwear boyfriends of the week

So you’re standing on a street corner which this guy walks by in nothing but his underwear…

What do you do?

We know the answer to that question if you were asking Aughra, and we just won’t go there. This week, we are featuring three different gay boyfriends outside in the altogether, and you get to decide which you prefer.

gay twink boyfriend outside in his orange undies talking on iphone


First up is the boyfriend on his phone.

What can you do? You’re sitting at some cafe in the city, having your coffee with your friend KiKi, and suddenly this inferno-hot boy walks by in his underwear. Smooth all over (or is that shaved?) bright orange elite undies, and talking away on his bright green phone while staring at you through his aviators.

Ok, so he’s trying not to look like he’s staring but you know better when he walks into the No Parking sign just about 4 steps out of this shot.

Should you jump up and render assistance?

gay black boyfriend outside in his pink underwearNext on the list is the athletic boyfriend out jogging down the street.

Om dear. He looks to have left his jogging shorts somewhere besides on his ripped and muscular body (and don’t you wish you could see the back half just about now?)

We look at this picture and can’t help but wonder: is he running toward it, or running away from it?

Please write and let us know when you find out, and when you find out what’s hiding behind those fuschia square cuts that don’t particularly match his hat.

Oh yes. He’s wearing a hat.


gay jock outside shirtless in his gym shorts and underwear



Finally, we have the more modest type

Sure he is built like a three story brick house, and is the world’s best at that aww shucks sort of half-grin. But he keeps everying (more or less) safely under wraps with his long gym shorts on, with the wasitband of the Tommy underneath, just in view. It’s enough to make you want to see what the rest of the V looks like, doesn’t it!

Cute legs. This boyfriend works out for a living.


So that’s our three outdoors in their undies boyfriends for today. Which do you think would be your favorite? We know, but we don’t want to prejudice the audience.

Let us hear from you and don’t forget to send us your own pics and maybe you too will be a boyfriend of the week. And one of our boyfriends shown here is going to get a $100 iTunes gift certificate. Wouldn’t that be a great little gift, in addition to all the … um … exposure.













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