the facial hair question – gay cam boy selfies of the week

Hipsters, Poseurs, and Bears, oh my!

This week we have a quartet of selfies for you, asking the question of whether you are in favor of facial hair, or if you ‘d just as soon leave it on the barber room floor.

Let’s take a look at this week’s contestants:

gay cam boys with facial hair  1


#1 is our jock candidate. He has a pleasant scruff around the bottom of his face that in the old days, his dad would have called a 5 o’clock shadow. That term was used by clean-shaven men of another era who would shave in the morning before work – all neat and clean – and then have a bit of a shadow of scruff starting to appear by 5 in the afternoon so that he would have to shave again before going out in the evening.

Back then, it looked unkempt because most men – the ones who didn’t live in mountains and field-dress squirrels- were clean shaven. Now, this look passes with nary a notice, and some guys don’t consider this “facial hair” at all: no mustache, no goatee, and he appears to have two separate eyebrows.





gay cam boys with facial hair  2  #2 in our lineup is trying very hard for a cool look, and something isn’t matching up between the hair on top and the hair on his chin. It could be that he doesn’t have a heavy enough beard to pull off a fully connected line of hair, or that he’s going for a swarthy Latin lover look.  At least he has pleasantly hairy legs and what looks to be a nice treasure trail going down to carefully manscaped pubes.

We are hoping this boyfriend will not rue the day that the hair starts on his shoulders and back, but that’s part of nature. And as we always say on here:

there is a nut for every squirrel.

However, keep in mind Aughra’s Arithmetic about facial hair:

Beard + Twink = NO!






gay cam boys with facial hair  3

#3 on our list is back to a big of jock look here, but he has the advantage of being extremely tall (look at the top of his head vs. the top of the door!)

This guy carries off the look perfectly because it’s neat and tidy, and is coiffed so that it looks as if it should be on his face. So much that we might cringe at wondering what his face would look like without it.

All he has to do now is decide between the go-go jeans and the Hanes commercial underwear because one of those things doesn’t go with the other.




gay cam boys with facial hair  4#4 – Yes we realize the main point of focus in this selfie is not his facial hair. And this is probably a good thing.

Everything was coming together quite nicely – hairy forearms, hairy face, slightly hairy ass, and what looks like a ground cover under his arms.

Then he went and ruined it with the haircut and the eyebrow job.

Here we see another of Aughra’s rules of grooming:

Decide on one story and stay with it!

This combo – to her 400 year old eyes – looks like the love child of Rambo and Mommie Dearest.



Well, of course, dears! It’s all up to you and your tastes, and how subtle your friends are about giving feedback that is both honest and will not get a Mai Tai thrown in their face. (Honestly sometimes hurts. Aughra remembers a terrible cat-fight at the Bottoms-Up Grill over white lipstick. Very sad, indeed. 1970s.)

What do you think? Feel free to chime in with your comments on our four this week. And send in your own pic and hey: you might win $100.




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