over-dressed boyfriends on cam – selfie pics of the week

Today’s selfie theme is over-dressed.

We found three such pictures in which the guys just need to take something off to make the picture better. Of course it’s always something on the top half of their body.

In the first one, the boyfriend is in workout pants but is wearing a heavy long sleeve shirt. Is he in Minnesota? Or does he have ink on his arms that we should not see?

Bambi maybe. Or Tink.

boyfriend selfie - long sleeve sweater pulled up

The second one is the boyfriend who wants to be a thug when he grows up. Or at least dress like them and bottom for them. That polyester sweat jacket that his mom got him for P.E. class definitely has to go. We want to see that impeccable chest, and his gorgeous outie. And he can leave that mall-silver dog chain at home too.

Nobody likes a bottom who makes clinking noises when he’s eating pillow.

gay boyfriend selfie sweat jacket open to show his chest bling

The third… oh, you just have to love those scruffy looking euro boys with the ratty t-shirt, the scraggly unshaven face, and the permanent case of bed hair. Aughra wonders if it really is bed hair, and he spends so much time traveling around everyone’s beds, it’s a permanent fixture without the pretense. (That means she wonders if he might be a ho.)

spanish gay boyfriend orange t-shirt scruffy selfie

Let’s hear it for the over-dressed boyfriends. Maybe they will get the message we want to see skin. Lots and lots of skin!



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