on the river front – gay vintage photo of the week

This is a place that no longer exists.

Back in the day, up into the 70s and early 80s, we had the docks, down on the river in New York City.

These were long abandoned docks and the empty buildings on them that were rotting away back into the sea. And it was the part of the city that was 24-7 fucking, especially in the night hours.

The docks had a slightly dangerous aura, and all a man had to do was walk around in the darkness inside, or on the moonlit docks, as naked as you like. That ancient kind of sex was everywhere.

vintage gay pic leather men on the docks in new york

Besides the leather men, it was a place where gay men went in the summer months to stretch out and get a tan.

All demolished now. All in the name of improvement.




Mr. Man

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