kiss me in the rain – gay boyfriend wild card of the week

Actually he’s really so much at kissing height as he is at blowing height!

It’s Sunday again and time for the unique and the unusual (and hopefully not the bizarre) for what we call the Wild Card. This is the best place to show off a boyfriend or a gay frat jock, husband, trick (etc.) in a pic that doesn’t really fit one of the other categories.

Or some guy we just want to show off.

This week, we present a gay frat boyfriend outside in the rain, in his board shorts, doing a hand stand. The rain is really driving down, and we wonder how he kept it from pushing the legs of his sorts down so we could all have a free floor show.

Whatever the case – he’s a great looking guy, and there’s just something really hot about shirtless guys doing anything in the rain!

gay fraternity boyfriend hand stand in the rain



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