the canonical hanky code – gay 101

This widely-used code is a rather elegant way of advertising sexual preferences, but tends to be inaccurate as it varies from city to city. Also there are different codes for male and female hanky brandishers, and folks may identify as a sex not obvious to the casual observer. The hanky code started in San Francisco with the 49ers (the miners back in the 1840s, not the team!)

Mostly men came to dances, and in order to do dances calling for ‘male’ and ‘female’ participants, half the fellows wore bandanas to signify that they were the ‘girls’. Bandanas are still the favored bit of cloth for all but those of the codes, such as fur, that clearly don’t lend themselves to bandanas.

Color Worn on the Left… Worn on the Right…
Apricot Chubby Chubby Chaser
Beige Rimmer Rim-ee
Black Hard S/M -Top Hard S/M – Bottom
Brown Lace Uncut Cock Likes Uncut Cock
Brown Satin Circumcised Likes Cut Cock
Brown Scat – Top Scat – Bottom
Charcoal Businessman Likes Businessmen
Checkered Safer Sex Top Safer Sex Bottom
Dark Pink Tit Torture Tit Torturee
Fuschia Spanker Likes to Get Spanked
Gold 2 seeking 1 1 seeking 2
Gold Lame Cutter Likes to Get Cut
Gray Latex Top Latex Bottom
Hunter Green Daddy Daddy’s Boy
Kelly Green Hustler In the Market
Kewpie Doll Chicken Chickenhawk
Lavender Group Sex Group Sex Bottom
Light Blue Wants Head Gives Head
Light Pink Dildo Fucker Gets Fucked with Dildos
Medium Blue Cop Likes Cops
Mosquito Netting Outdoor Sex Top Outdoor Sex Bottom
Mustard 8″ or more Likes 8″ + cocks
Navy Blue Fucker Gets Fucked
Olive Drab Military Top Military Bottom
Orange Anything/Any Time Nothing Now
Paisley Wears Boxers Likes Men in Boxers
Pale Yellow Spit Play Top Spit Play Bottom
Purple Piercer Likes to Get Pierced
Red Fisting Top Fisting Bottom
Red/White Shaver Gets Shaved
Robin’s Egg Blue 69 69
Rust Cowboy Likes Cowboys
Silver Lame Star Fucker Star
Tan Cigar Smoker Likes Cigar Smokers
Teal Blue Cock Torture Top Cock Torture Bottom
Teddy Bear Cuddler Likes to be Cuddled
Yellow Piss Play Top Piss Play Bottom


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