the red kiss – a martini recipe from the gay frat dorm


We like to think of this cocktail as a “junior martini” for those boys who aren’t cherry, but like the taste of one.


Red Kiss in sugar-rimmed glass

Red Kiss in sugar-rimmed glass


A great seasonal drink for any occasion that calls for the color red, like the winter holidays, or Valentine’s Day.


  • 3 cubes cracked ice
  • 1 measure dry Vermouth
  • 1/2 measure gin
  • 1/2 measure cherry brandy
  • maraschino cherry to decorate
  • lemon zest spiral to decorate

Put the cracked ice into a mixing glass, add vermouth, gin, and cherry brandy, and stir well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass (martini glass works great) and decorate with maraschino cherry and a lemon zest spiral. Served neat (no ice in the glass.) The glass may have a sugared rim as shown in the picture.

Another variation on this drink uses 1 measure of champagne in place of the vermouth, to create a fizzy brunch drink.

When we speak of “a measure” in this recipe, we mean that as a proportion. So if you were doing ounces, 1/2 measure = 1/2 ounce. If you are mixing these by the gallon, then a 1/2 measure = 1/2 gallon.

Good luck with your pledge class if you’re mixing that much of this drink!



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