a rolled up pack of humpbacks – gay boyfriends smoking


How hot is this?

Photos of guys smoking is another requested category. We’re working on finding some videos of guys smoking + sex. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, we offer these three so you can pick one, or as many as you want. On the far left is the guy smoking hands-free. The guy with the attitude in the middle: no cigarettes out, but he has that pack rolled up in his t-shirt sleeve. A little retro 1950s, but we like it any way.  And on the far end, the guy with the hater expression who has neither. He looks like the type who likes getting rowdy in bed.

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to decide which of the three you like best. Use your own imagination to decide who is top and who is bottom, and what each one really likes to do when the lights are down.

For some reason, we like the guy in the middle. Maybe he has better arms or something. Definitely he has the most kissable lips. What say you?


gay redneck boys smoking cigarettes






Mr. Man

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