queer students on parade – the sunday wild card

It’s that time of the week…

The Sunday Wild Card is the slot for the unique… the unusual … the tiny niche that we don’t have enough votes on to make its own category…

Basically it’s anything that I wasn’t quite sure where to file.

This week, we have a fairly standard-format Gay Pride Parade photo… at least until you read the fine print. Yes! Here they are:

Queer Students With A Banner - pride parade

Queer Students With A Banner

We know that this is the radical group you always wanted to belong to in your day. If this had been in my little college town, this group would have been my friends who taught me how to be a smartass.

But you have to realize: if these were my friends in college, they would now be called:

Snarky Old Queens
With Walkers

Be loud! Be proud! And always carry a banner.



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